Severed Head Costumes

When trying to come up with the scariest costume idea, one theme that comes to mind is dismemberment and severed heads. Severed head costumes are scary and shocking. They can take form of a headless costume, or perhaps a head on a platter or table. Creating a severed head costume takes a lot of effort, but the shock value of pulling it off is worthwhile.

Of course you can use a fake head as a prop in your costume, but the scariest severed head costumes are ones that create an optical illusion that a real person’s head has been chopped off. Any type of costume can become much scarier if you turn it into a severed head costume, from historical figures to movie characters. Part of the fun of creating a severed head costume is deciding how to display the head. Here at Costume Pop we’ve seen all kinds of unique severed head costumes from headless brides to a severed head in a freezer. We’ve even seen heads on a grill or displayed on a platter or in a jar.

If you’re really trying to make a severed head costume look convincing make up is important. You have to decide how long the head has been detached and whether or not it should look rotting, bloody or pale. A freshly cut head would look relatively normal, a cooked head (for a troll or monster to eat) may look charred, and of course frozen severed heads would look rather blue. No matter how you approach a severed head costume idea, it’s bound to be quite scary.

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