Sexy French Maid Costume



Sexy-French-Maid-Costume-thClassic Halloween costumes have a few things in common.  One almost everyone will recognize what character Halloween costume you are wearing.  Secondly, a classic costume always gets attention.  The Sexy French Maid Costume isn’t just a classic sexy costume; it’s a classic costume, period.

The truth is the French Maid Costume is one of the ultimate sexy costumes on the market.  Any Halloween party or costume party where this adult costume is worn is guaranteed to heat up quickly.  This is certainly not a women’s costume to wear if you simply want to hang out in the background and do some people watching. No, the Fifi French Maid Adult Costume is going to get you some serious attention!

The details and finer points of this French maid costume are top-notch.  The black and white dress also comes with a pair of sheer armbands and choker.  The short and oh-so- sexy hemline will catch many an eye.  Consider adding some sexy stocking and ruffled panties and a wild pair of high-heels to make this outfit shine.  Don’t forget to arm yourself with a cute duster so that you might dust off any cute partygoers you might happen across during your adventures in your Fifi French Maid Adult Costume.

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