Sexy Kitty Cat Costume


Some sexy costumes are so sexy that it is just unfair. A sexy costume that can easy be transformed to have a bunch of different looks is a definite winner. If you are looking to be the center of attention at the next Halloween party, then look no further than the Sexy Kitty Cat Costume.

This cat costume is so sexy that it would be very tough for anyone to “out sexy” you.  The Purrfectly Pretty Kitty Costume has a tremendous amount of detail, ranging from its short black dress with faux fur trim to its black arm warmers.  The pink lace up front really makes this already standout cat costume pop even more.  Matching pink and black ears and a cute black choker help this sexy costume, well, purr.

The options for adding more punch to this kitty costume are uniquely high.  Consider adding thigh high stockings or the Sexy Eden Mary Jane Adult Shoes, for example.  In short, this is one sexy costume that can really be dressed up in a big way.  To make this cat costume even sexier one could add a garter belt and high-heels. Now just watch out for those dogs as they will probably be following you everywhere!

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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