Sexy Robin Adult Costume


The best costumes are sometimes the ones that really catch people off-guard by playing with their trusted expectations.  The Sexy Robin Adult Costume does this remarkably well.  Most people are accustomed to Robin being a man or boy… and most definitely not a sexy crime-fighting woman!

But with this sexy costume that is exactly what you get.  Like all the Batman costumes, this adult costume comes with an air of mystery and intrigue.  But no doubt, few women’s costumes are bound to turn as many heads as this very novel and unexpected sexy costume.

The traditional yellow cap, red shirt, green gloves and black mask are all included in the Sexy Robin Adult Costume, but there are some changes that make a world of difference with this Robin costume.  For example, this sexy costume has a green mini-skirt with a slit up the side that definitely screams, I am “Not” boy wonder.

Combine this show stopping costume with a pair of high-heel boots, and you instantly become the sexiest superhero at the party.  If you have that special Batman in your life, the two of you can really have some great fun walking around the party cocktails in hand just waiting for a little crime to come your way!

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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