Sherlock Holmes Adult Costume


Who is the greatest detective in history?  Most people would have to say Sherlock Holmes.  Scottish author and physician Arthur Conan Doyle dreamed up Sherlock Holmes way back in 1887, but this influential character has been on his feet working ever since.  To date, Sherlock Holmes continues to make his appearances in literature, film and television.  There have even been works that have placed the famous detective in the future.  It just seems that Sherlock Holmes never goes completely out of style.  And that is why the Tales of Old London Sherlock Holmes Adult Costume makes such a great costume, because it will simply never go out of style.

Having a great adult costume often means having a costume that everyone recognizes upon first glance.  With a Sherlock Holmes costume, recognition is rarely a problem.  Almost everyone recognizes this world famous detective.  Usually the plaid hat and matching trench coat are a dead give away, especially when combined with Sherlock Holmes’ trademarked pipe.  The combination of these elements usually means that one is dealing with the famous Sherlock Holmes.

Dressing as Sherlock Holmes for Halloween or a costume party also allows you to try out that British accent you’ve been working on. And if there happen to be any crimes, you will be the first one on the scene.

Just practice in advance saying, “It’s elementary, my dear Watson.”

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