Sherlock Holmes Costume for Women


Part of the fun of Halloween is catching people off-guard, whether it means you are dressed as a scary and frightening monster, or you show up in one of the sexiest outfits anyone has ever seen.  With a well-thought out costume the end result, you will always get a lot of attention.

Do you like having an excuse to approach people at a party?  There might be a way to do just that and be sexy at the same time.  Now you may not think wildly sexy when you imagine Sherlock Holmes, but this is no ordinary Sherlock Holmes costume.

The Detective Shirley Holmes Plus Adult Costume must be one of the sexiest women’s costumes available.  This sexy costume makes it impossible for anyone not to notice you at a party.  Isn’t that what a costume party or Halloween are all about?

The houndstooth print stretch satin dress comes with a sharp matching hat, a black utility belt, a faux pipe and, of course, wrist cuffs.  In fact, the wrist cuffs are one of the sexier aspects to this most decidedly sexy costume.  Try combining some knee high socks and sexy shoes, and you have a Halloween outfit that certainly will get you noticed.

So, come this Halloween season, don’t be afraid to snoop around the party and see what crimes you might uncover!

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