Singer Costumes

There’s nothing quite as exciting as singing in front of a captive audience… unfortunately not everyone can carry a tune, so they have to settle for the next more exciting thing—dressing like a their favorite singer. Many singers bring more than just their vocal talents to the stage. They bring their personality, fashion sense and unique style with them. Popular singers like Madonna have been known for outrageous stage costumes and make up—perhaps even more than they are known for their music. That’s why singer costumes are so much fun.

Pop singer costumes for guys or girls are probably the most fun because of their outrageous clothing and hairstyles. Michael Jackson is a great singer to dress as for guys who want to get recognized. For girls there are tons of choices these days too like Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Or if you prefer, there are countless front men to dress as from cool rock bands, like Axl Rose. If you’re a fan of J-pop or J-rock from Japan, singers there have a whole different type of style that would make great singer costume ideas.

Even if you’re not a fan of the top 40, there are some fun well known styles of singer costumes. Opera singers might be known for braids, horned hats and an overall Viking look, while lounge singers might be known for a sequence gown or suit. Of course there are always singers from musicals and plays that might have unique costumes as well.

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