Skeleton Costumes

Among the most popular scary costume ideas, skeleton costumes come to mind almost immediately after vampires and witches. Every Halloween you’re bound to run into a few skeleton costumes, ranging from frightening to funny, including both homemade skeleton costumes, store bought costumes and even face paint.

Many simple skeleton costumes simply print white bones on black clothing, which can look a bit silly in bright lighting since it’s so obvious. But in the dark from a distance these styles of costumes look somewhat convincing, especially glow in the dark skeleton costumes. Kids skeleton costumes tend to be cuter than adult skeleton costumes and use the white print on black clothing look rather than something disturbing and realistic. However some costumes manage to look more realistic with creative use of clothing. Using robes or shredded clothes that only expose the face, ribs and hands tend to look more believable than the printed white on black look. Elaborate skeleton costumes might even include textured masks or bones rather than prints to give the costume more detail.

Skeleton face paint is also popular in favor of masks which some people may find to be too hot or annoying to wear. Using white paint, dark circles around the eyes and carefully drawn on teeth you can make your face look like a skull.

One of the most popular types of skeleton costume ideas is a Death or Grim Reaper costume which includes a black robe, skeleton face and hands and a scythe. A really elaborate grim reaper costume might also include skeletal wings, which are extremely difficult to make, but very creepy.

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