Smurfette Costumes

After recieving the Smurfs on DVD for her 3rd birthday in the summer, my daughter fell in love with the Smurfs. She decided before September even arrived that she wanted to be Smurfette for Halloween. I spent hours online and in costume stores trying to find a Smurfette costume. Then thinking to myself that I am great at tayloring things and mending tears I set off to stores to find pieces that could be turned easily into a smurfette costume. Still I found nothing. No perfect pieces to bring together. Finally I decided I would just need to bite the bullet and create it myself from fabric. It was the biggest project like this I had ever done but it turned out well and while trick or treating 5 times this year we were stopped tons of times to have her picture taken. And of course she was given tons of extra candy.

Submitted by Rachel Flowers, Sheffield Lake, Ohio

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