Snow White Costume for Adults


Disney just knows how to what it takes to make a visually stunning costume.  For decades, Disney has been creating great characters that just lend themselves to making fabulous Halloween costumes.  One Halloween costume favorite is Snow White.  The Snow White costume is one of the more recognized of all Disney costumes.  While Snow White may have her origins in German fairy tales, the popular Disney cartoon called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a classic, whose visual look greatly shaped the Snow White mythology.

Some women’s costumes are so timeless and so classic that they are guaranteed to be a hit year after year.  This is the case with a costume like the Snow White Prestige Adult Costume.  This adult costume will remind everyone of many fond memories from childhood.  Snow White is plainly Disney at its best, and that quality shines through with this Snow White Costume for Adults.

The classic Snow White costume look is well represented in this reproduction.  The dress consists of a yellow skirt and a blue top, with a high-collar and, of course, red hair bow…just like you vividly remember from the movie.  With a costume like this you just can’t go wrong- its classic and its timeless.

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