Snow White Costumes

Can there be any doubt that the Walt Disney Company is nothing short of a juggernaut?  From its humble beginnings as an animation studio, Disney has grown and grown to become a billion dollar enterprise that has over 150,000 employees.  Part of how Disney amassed this amazing level of wealth is through the creation of amazing characters such as Snow White.

Originally, Snow White was just a fairy tale that circulated in Germany. Later, the Brothers Grimm popularized the character.  Finally, Walt Disney reworked it into the animated masterpiece “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”  Released in 1937, this classic animation also produced a classic character in the form of Snow White.  Snow White’s look has become instantly recognizable across the world and has been adapted into many Snow White costumes.

Part of the fun of Snow White costumes is that they tap into desire of many women and girls to put on a beautiful princess costume.  These stylish Disney costumes are always going to be in style and fun to wear.  Who could ever get bored with being Snow White for Halloween?  There are Snow White girl’s costumes and even Snow White toddler costumes.  Which opens up the fun possibility of mother daughter Snow White costumes.  No one will ever forget seeing such a cute sight as a mother and daughter both dressed up like Snow White. Don’t be surprised if you are the subject of more than one snapshot.

Of course there are sexy takes on Snow White as well.  Sexy Snow White costumes include the Classic Snow White Adult Costume, which demands attention with its blue and yellow mini-dress and thigh-high stockings.  This costume really brings Snow White’s dress into the modern era.  In fact, the real Snow White probably wouldn’t even recognize it if she was alive today!

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