Space Costumes

People have always looked up at the stars with wonder, whether it was to admire the constellations or imagine far off places across the galaxy. Space costumes let kids and adults play out their desire to be an astronaut or explore their interest in aliens and space ships. Since the even before the moon landing we’ve had books and stories about Martians. Our fascination with space only grew after TV shows like Star Trek and movies like Star Wars. Science Fiction writers created all kinds of aliens and other worldly beings that spark our imagination today, especially when it comes to space costumes.

Some kids and even some adults aspire to be astronauts and may want to wear NASA astronaut costumes. Astronaut costumes for kids, babies and adults are easy to come by since they are a popular costume idea. You could even make your own astronaut costume with a white jumpsuit and some other accessories.

Star Trek and Star Wars have been extremely influential on our culture’s fascination with space. They’re also some of the most popular costume ideas ever. Star Trek fans may wear Starfleet uniforms or costumes from the different alien races like Vulcan or Klingons. Star Wars fans also have a number of alien races to look like characters like Yoda, Chewbacca or Jar Jar Binks. But there are plenty of science fiction TV shows and movies that include space travel like Battle Star Galactica, Dr Who, Lost in Space, Wall-E and Futurama.

Space costumes are extremely popular because they leave a ton of room for creativity and make us imagine what else is out in the vast reaches of the universe.

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