Star Trek Adult Costume


Waking up only to find that you are wearing a “red shirt” aboard the Star Ship Enterprise might not be as good of a thing as it might initially seem.  It turns out the “red shirts” often die, and often a pretty gruesome death at that. However, that is part of what makes this Star Trek costume so much fun.  Anyone familiar with the Star Trek universe is likely to get the little joke that comes with this awesome looking men’s costume.  The Star Trek Movie Red Shirt Adult Costume is a sharp looking Star Trek costume that has some built in fun!

This adult costume has a lot going for it.  Everyone recognizes the famous Star Trek uniform, and the uniform from the recent movie is just different enough to really make Star Trek look fresh and new again.  This hip and modern redesign and re-imagining of the Star Trek uniform makes for a great Star Trek costume.

The new design on the shirt, gives it a modern, technology influenced look and feel, and the new logo is sleek and stylish.  Consider adding a nice phaser pistol just in case you need to zap some horrible Romulan at the party.  If you want to make a dramatic statement at the next costume party or Halloween party you attend, grab a few friends and show up wearing a variety of Star Trek Halloween costumes.  Maybe even toss in a Romulan or two for good measure.

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