Star Trek Movie Blue Shirt Costume

Aboard the Starship Enterprise the color of your shirt doesn’t define your ranking but it does reflect your specialization in Starfleet. Science Officer Spock of course wears blue to note his position in the scientific field. These are the type of details that anyone looking to wear a Star Trek costume must pay attention to. You wouldn’t want to do something silly like wear a Spock costume with a gold or red shirt… especially not a red shirt, because everyone knows what happens to those guys on away missions.

This Star Trek Movie Blue Shirt Costume is perfect for a Spock costume or a Leonard “Bones” McCoy costume. The comfortable blue jersey has an attached black dickie, silver wrist bands and a Star Fleet emblem embroidered over the breast. We’re not going to tell you which member of Starfleet you should dress up as, but we will say that emulating the well known Vulcan First Officer would be highly logical. To complete a Spock costume all you need is this blue Star Trek shirt, a Star Trek Movie Spock wig and Spock ears and the ability to do the symbol for “live long and prosper.” Whichever Starfleet member you choose to dress as, this Star Trek Costume blue shirt is perfect for anyone participating in a "Final Frontier" themed group costume.

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