Star Wars Costume Party

A Star Wars Costume Party is a sure fire way to have a costume party that absolutely no one will ever forget.  Star Wars costumes have sure a distinctive look and always bring back movie memories. Everyone who attends will remember seeing all the Darth Vadar costumes, Princess Leia costumes, Stormtrooper costumes and Han Solo costumes for quite some time!

Playing Star Wars music and decorating your home with Star Wars decorations is one of the quickest and easiest ways to establish the Star Wars mood.  There are all kinds of Star Wars items available, such as Star Wars Dinner Plates, Star Wars Centerpieces and Star Wars cups that will really make your Star Wars themed costume party unmistakably fit the bill.  Kids of all ages will love all the Star Wars excitement.

Another really easy way to have your Star Wars themed costume party come alive is to pick one of the different parts of the Star Wars universe and have those movies play in the background.  For example, show parts of the original films, the newer films or even the animated Clone Wars series.  If you have a high-definition set-up or a projector, this could be extra fun and really help create an entertaining mood.

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