Still Got a Job? Halloween Costumes That’ll Get You Fired

Office parties are a great way to loosen up and get to know your coworkers a bit better, especially costume parties. At costume parties everyone can express themselves and their interests in a unique way and really make a statement with a fun costume. However you should keep in mind when choosing a costume you still need to stick to office rules. Of course that means no sex, politics or religion. And remember, even if you're not planning to dress up at the office for Halloween, your boss can find your facebook, so be careful what you get tagged wearing at your friend's party too. These are a few costumes ideas to avoid if you want to keep your job.

Try to avoid costumes that directly reference your body parts like this Party in my Pants Costume.

The same goes for the ladies... keep your shirt on! It’s not okay to get all Girls Gone Wild at a work pary even if you do have a censor bar.

Avoid religious costumes, especially ones that poke fun at religion like a Buddy Christ Costume. That's one of those office taboos.

Not only does the Holy Sh#! Costume make fun of religion, but part of the name is word you shouldn't even say at the office.

The Rock Out with Your C#@k Out Costume breaks a few rules... it references body parts and uses words you shouldn't dare say at work.

Dressing up like drugs of any kind implies that you do them. Expect a "random" drug test next week.

This Terrorist Costume is especially bad if you work in a bank, airport or government facility.

Do you even know where everyone's kids go to college? The Shooting Victim costume is probably not appropriate to wear anywhere.

Another adult costume that may not be funny to everyone... especially if you're taking a jab at that woman who always has camel toe.

Not only are politics a bad idea, but stay away from anything as disgusting as Monica Lewinski in her famous blue dress.

Sports fans and animal lovers will both have reasons to hate this Michael Vick costume. Save it for your friends' party.

You might end up going to mandatory psych evaluations if this Charles Manson Costume doesn't get you fired.

We don't know what your boss looks like, so we're picturing Mr. Burns to represent a horrible boss. The point is don't dress up like the boss and make fun of him or her if you like your job. If you're planning to quit anyway, then go all out.

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