Ryu Street Fighter Costume


Street Fighter is no mere video game, and Ryu is no mere character.  This popular series of video games has a life that extends beyond just video games, as there are also films, comic books and even card games.  Stating that Street Fighter is popular is definitely an understatement.

Why Wear a Street Fighter Costume?

The first Street Fighter game began in 1987, and games have been produced non-stop ever sense.  In 2009, there was even a Street Fighter movie!  One of the most popular, if not the most popular Street Fighter character is Ryu.  Ryu wears a costume that is very much in line with what most people think of as being like a martial arts costume.  He has a white wrap around top and white tethered pants.  Of course, he has a black belt as well; did you really even need to ask?  This fun Street Fighter Costume even comes with Ryu’s signature gloves and headband.  The Street Fighter Costume-Ryu is a smashing way to celebrate Halloween.

Ryu Halloween Costume

Anyone looking for a Ryu costume or a great martial arts costume should look no further.  The Street Fighter Ryu Adult Costume has all the elements that one would expect in a fine Street Fighter costume.  Details abound and the costume’s pure authenticity will impress all fans of this popular and enduring video game franchise.

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