Super Mario Deluxe Toddler/Child Costumes


Mario is easily one of the most recognizable characters worldwide, second only to a certain animated mouse. For over 20 years Nintendo has been making amazing games starring the Italian plumber and his brother Luigi. Mario’s first debut was in Donkey Kong where he was known initially as Jump Man. The character design including the hat and mustache were part of the design because with graphics were limiting back then and it was the only way to make the character easy to recognize. Whoever would have thought that 20 years later Mario would be more popular than ever and still have the same basic character design?

This official Super Mario Deluxe Child Costume is no imitation—it’s the real deal with an oversized red hat with a “M” on it, Mario’s signature mustache, blue overalls and big cartoony white gloves. With brand new games in the Mario franchise coming out every year the popularity of a Mario costume doesn’t seem like it will ever fade away. Everyone young and old, whether or not they play video games will adore this iconic video game costume. This costume would be great for siblings or friends who want to dress up as Mario and Luigi or even Princess Peach, Toad or Yoshi.

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