Super Mario Handyman Costume

You might not know it by looking at him, but Mario was a face that launched a billion dollar enterprise.  Amazingly, there was a time when Mario of Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers fame was not a worldwide famous phenomenon.  Yes, there was indeed such a dark age, but it is long behind us.  Countless video game appearances later and Mario and Luigi and all sorts of characters from the Super Mario universe have been part of world culture.  Of course, with this kind of instant recognition and celebrity, it is no wonder that the Super Mario Handyman Costume is a hit.

The Handman Adult Costume delivers that now classic Super Mario look.  The red cap and red t-shirt mixed with the bright blue overalls hint strongly at Mario, but add on the mustache and there can be no doubt at all.  Also, this is an excellent costume for couples.  Just dress up your sweetheart in the Pretty Pink Princess Adult Costume and stun the Halloween crowd with this beautiful princess costume.  A Mario costume is a fun way to celebrate Halloween.  Super Mario Brothers and Mario are now cultural icons, which means that a Mario costume is never going out of style.

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