Superhero Sculptures by Adrian Tranquilli

superhero sculptures by Adrian Tranquilli

Usually we think of our favorite heroes as unbreakable and forget that they are human, just like us... except that they have awesome super powers and abilities of course. But underneath the spandex and the masks they're still people with relatable problems like pining over someone who barely notices you (like Mary Jane or Lois Lane). Without even revealing their secret identities, Adrian Tranquilli brings out a more vulnerable side of comic book heroes like Superman, Spiderman and Batman in his series of sculptures titled "Heroes: The Route of Exposure."

Superhero Sculptures by Adrian Tranquilli2

Pieces like this Superman statue emerging from the wall really show a more human side of a character normally depicted in such a super human way.

Check out more in the series Heroes: The Route of Exposure by Adrian Tranquilli.

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