Superman Costume for Toddlers Costumes


Superman is simply a classic costume.  Few costumes are able to conjure up so many images of power, speed and superhuman abilities quite like the Superman costume.  Since the Man of Steel was born in 1938, he has been the subject of hundreds and hundreds of stories ranging from his escape from Krypton to his journey into a powerful crime-fighter and global hero.  But even Superman was once just a baby, and the Superman Costume for Toddlers can make any toddler look super with this super toddler costume.

Every child loves Superman. When you combine this fact, with the fact that few toddler costumes are going to look cuter than Superman, it becomes an easy pick.  All the key elements of the Superman costume are well represented, ranging from the all-important red cape, to the red and yellow “S” on our little superhero’s emblem.

With the Superman Toddler Costume, your little superman will spend hours flying about and performing super-feats of strength (meaning that this Superman Toddler Costume will get hundreds of hours of use beyond its Halloween appearance).  For some serious super-cuteness, team your little Superman up with another superhero, such as Batman.  The Batman Toddler Costume, when combined with the Superman Toddler Costume, is an instant smile party!

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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