Superman Costumes

The Superman costume truly makes for one of the more visually striking costumes that a person can wear.  At this point, it is a given that Superman is simply an icon.  Superman made his first appearance in comic books in 1938, but since he is essentially immortal, he really hasn't aged a day.  Everyone recognizes the blue suit, red boots and cape, yellow belt and Superman chest emblem. Plus the fact that Superman is indestructible gives him a real leg up on all the Halloween bad guys. The adult Superman costume is a perfect fit for any hero.

One of the great possibilities of the Superman costume is to incorporate the entire family.  Since there are adult Superman costumes as well as adult Superwoman costumes, it is easy for couples to go as a “Super Couple” come Halloween.  And why not get the entire family in on the act?  Simply grab a kid’s Superman costume, toddler Superman costume, and a child Superman costume or two and the entire family can go as a “Super Family.”  Don't forget the family pet either!  These days you can easily get a Super Dog costume for your favorite mutt and make a Halloween party entrance that no one will forget anytime in the near future.

Superman has been a beloved icon for generations, and to this day makes for a great Halloween costume.  A superhero that represents for all that America stands for is a tough one to beat come Halloween season, especially if you want to go as one of the good guys.  Just cross your fingers that no one has any Kryptonite up their sleeves.

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