Surf’s Up – Cody Maverick, Chicken Joe, and Big Z Costumes

One September morning my almost three year old son asked me if he could be Cody Maverick for Halloween. I said, sure that was a cute idea without knowing just what I was getting into. Of course, the next thing he asked was if Daddy and I could be his friends from the movie too. I happily agreed, only to find out that none of the characters had any portion of their likeness on a costume that could be bought in a store or on the internet. Bound and determined, I went to craft store and fabric store after fabric store and craft store. I looked at halloween stores for ideas and studied the movie images to figure out how to make us look like these animated characters. I bought fabrics and just draped them on each of us and started sewing and gluing. I had no idea how to make my chicken hat, but like everything else, by constantly trying it on and cutting, sewing, and resewing until it fit, I emerged from my office about three weeks later with three costumes, surfboards, and plenty of sweat equity!

My son loved dressing up with us and proudly wore his costume (with mommy who was a room mom for the day) to his preschool party and of course on the big day. Daddy was a good sport and even helped to make the shell Z necklace (engraved with his power tool) and shaped and painted the cardboard surfboards. Making the hoop skirt and tail on the chicken work took a little ingenuity, but a trip to lowes and a 6 foot length of pipe insulation and a little fishing wire to hold up the tail did the trick.

I hope you enjoy our photo. We had a blast. I have lots of others but I could only enter one.

Submitted by Chrisden, Dana Point, Ca

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