Surgeon Doctor Costume


There can be no doubt that the doctor costume is a Halloween classic.  For decades, people have been dressing like doctors and offering unsolicited medical advice come Halloween time.  Just don’t let any of these “doctors” prescribe any medications.  The doctor costume is an always going to be a hit, and this is especially true when it come to the surgeon costume.  All night you will be answer the question, “are you a real doctor?”  Feel free to get creative with your responses… after all its Halloween.  One word of caution, doctor’s costume or not, you’re probably better off skipping the “I’m a doctor of love” response. That line is too cheesy for any holiday!

The Surgeon Adult Costume consists of a Lycra top and pants, so that you will look like you have just ran right out of the Emergency Room.  But what would your scrubs be without a surgical skullcap and surgical mask?  Consider using a makeup kit to toss on a little blood from your last surgery.

The doctor’s costume or surgeon’s costume is a nice one to combine with a nurse’s costume.  Why not bring a sexy nurse with you to the party?  One good costume option is the Operating Nurse Adult Costume.  Everyone will know that you can really operate when you show up with this naughty nurse on your arm.

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