Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mask

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Few horror films have had the lasting impact of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Clearly, part of the brilliance of the film was its impressive name.  How can one not give a great deal of attention to a title like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre?”  When the film was released in 1974, it proved to be nothing less than chilling for audiences of the day.  Since then, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre has gone on to produce numerous sequels and even a prequel.  Its safe to state that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the better knows horror franchises of all time.

Scary costumes are a must come Halloween.  A Halloween party without scary costumes and monster costumes just doesn’t seem right somehow.  This is where a mask like the Horror Hood Mask comes in.

This Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mask is a perfect fit for the trick-or-treater that wants to scare the living daylights out of everyone they meat, oops, meet on the way to the Halloween party and, of course, at the Halloween party.  Few adult costumes are as scary and intimidating as this horrifying mask.  Add a nice meat cleaver and you have yourself nothing short of a horror classic.

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