That’s My Face Realistic Masks


If you're looking for the scariest mask possible it's not about fur and fangs, but that realistic creepy factor. Really scare the pants off of someone by wearing a super realistic mask of their face. That's My Face lets you create a realistic mask of anyone. Just send in a photo and in about 2 weeks you can pretend to be anyone from your favorite celebrity to your worst enemy. Even up close these wearable facemask are disturbingly realistic causing mayhem in the form of fake celebrity sightings and reports of doppelgangers. A life-size mask will set you back around $300, but if you buy before the end of November 2009 with the coupon code HALLOWEENMASK you get a 20% discount, so grab one fast at And if that's still too steep for you, you could always print one out.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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