The Biggest Loser & Her Personal Trainer Costumes

Thanks for the opportunity to show off my daughters and their super fun Halloween costumes. Here’s how the idea came about, last year, the day after Halloween my youngest daughter Jenna (6 at the time) confided that she had decided what she would be for Halloween next year…she explained that she was going to be “The Biggest Loser”. She reassured us that we needn’t worry, she had the costume figured out herself. The next 364 day were spent on her “strategy”. She’s definitely one to go for the laughs…no Princesses or Girly Girl costumes for this comedian. My older daughter Celeste (11) decided that she’d get in on the fun and she’d be “The Biggest Loser’s” Personal Trainer!

As luck would have it a few days before Halloween, I found these very funny costumes and we modified them a bit to fit our “theme”.

So, I’ve attached a photo of our “Biggest Loser”, Jenna (age 7) and her “Personal Trainer”, Celeste (age 11)….we hope you enjoy them as much as we have!!

Thanks again.

Submitted by Melinda Janson,

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