The little version of the Simpsons Costumes

I made the marge hat out of cotton balls that I dyed myself with clue craft paint mixed with water. I had to let the cotton balls dry for days. Then I glued them to poster board. The top of Marge's head is polyester fiber that I also dyed blue. I made both the dresses on Lisa and Marge. I cut triangles on the bottom of Lisa's dress like she has in the show. I made all the eyes with foam balls. I cut the back of the foam balls so it would be flat and I glued them to sunglasses. I poked a hole so the kids could see. I cut pipecleaners to make the lashes. I painted all the kids yellow where the skin was exposes. I made the bald Homer head with yellow fabric and I glued pipe cleaners for his few pieces of hair that he has. I painted around my son's mouth brown like Homers mouth. I stuffed Homer with polyester fiber so my son would appear fat in the belly like Homer. I made the red and white pearl necklaces out of cotton balls. I dyed Marge's cotton balls in red since her pearls are red.

Submitted by Anja Mejia, Bakersfield California

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