The NEW Mad Hatter Costumes

This is an extremely well done homemade Tim Burton inspired Mad Hatter costume from the new Alice in Wonderland Movie made from thrift store finds, craft paints, buttons, fake hair and other odds and ends.

Girly matter hatter with johnny depps hair and makeup..and the eyebrows!!!

Submitted by marcy perrotta, poughkeepsie ny

Men's Mad Hatter

The hat is made from wire, poster board, and foam core wrapped in fabric. The coat was dyed, the pants trimmed. The lace was sewn onto the sleeves. The shoes bought at a thrift store. The ribbons and handkerchiefs and bow tie were cut from fabric. The hat pins are bent wires glued with jewels from hair bands. The make up took three hours. Complete with four different colors of eye shadow, colored contacts and false eyelashes dipped in white makeup. The eyebrows are cut pieces from the wig. The spools of thread were woven together with yarn. The gloves are hand sewn. Made in this Style card hand drawn with burnt edges. Black fingernail polish. The thimble was from a friend. Peacock feather purchased at a fabric store. Vest was from an old Joker costume. Socks picked up at discount store. Wig had to purchase online no one local had it.

Submitted by Taylor, West Jordan, UT

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