The Predator Costumes

This was a homemade costume I made and put together after watching the first AVP film. I'm a big sci-fi fan so I thought it'd be fun. The wearer in the pictures is me (Rolando Vega). My father took the pictures outside of our house at night.
The costume consists of many parts:
- latex skin (made and airbrushed by me)
- latex armor (also painted by me)
- latex hands and feet (also painted by me)
- mask and helmet (dreads attached, mask painted and helmet painted by me)
- custom resin blade gauntlets that have animatronics inside that make the blades go in and out
- tri-laser pointers in the helmet
- speaker attached to left gauntlet that connects to a small MP3 player that plays back the Predator's actual sounds from the movie

Overall, the costume took me almost a year to make. It was really fun.

Submitted by Rolando Vega, Bridgewater, NJ

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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