The Wolfman Costume


Sometimes you don’t feel like having a cutesy Halloween costume. There is always that year that you want to show up at the Halloween party or costume party wearing a scary costume that is going to send people running the other way.  In that case, the Wolfman Deluxe Adult Costume is just the wolfman costume you are looking for when dress-up time comes.

This men’s costume is more than just a bunch of fur and includes a torn shirt, vest and some pretty darn scary wolfman costume fingertips.  Whether you are looking for a werewolf costume or a wolfman costume, this intense costume has you covered.  Well, except for the parts that has exploded out of your shirt.

Now, the best werewolf costume in the world is meaningless without a terrifying mask.  Otherwise you would just be a really hairy guy walking around in a torn shirt.  No, if you want the full-on scary effect of a wolfman, you need an intense mask.  The Wolfman Deluxe Adult Costume comes with one very intense wolfman costume mask that few party attendees are likely to forget anytime soon.  Go ahead and have a bark at the moon and a good, scary time in this crazy animal of a costume.

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