Thing One and Thing Two with a Cat in the Hat costumes

Our mom worked really hard sewing these costumes for us by hand! It was her first time making a costume and we are really proud of her, plus we look AWESOME!!

Our favorite part of the costume is getting to have Blue Hair! How many dogs can say that they have had blue hair! Mom got most of her supplies from Jo Ann's fabric and for our hair she used some old dog hats we had. She sewed a blue feather Boa to the top and a jawstring and some elastic; so we could run and play without losing our hair!

It's really fun walking around town and seeing everyone get all excited and honk at us! Please let us know if we win, we will be keeping our paws crossed!!!

Oscar (I’m 9yr.s Old and my breed is Yorkie) and Einstein (I’m 1 yr. old and breed is Snorkie)

Oh yeah and our mom is Amanda (we are not allowed to mention her age but her breed is human)

Submitted by amanda vino, san diego, CA

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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