Thomas the Tank Engine Costumes

My son loves Thomas the Tank Engine. All the costumes you can buy for Thomas the Tank Engine didn't replicate the real train. We made a 3D costume with matching colors and proportions best to our ability. We didn't want it to be heavy since a 4 year old was walking around with it. We used boxes and custom cut them to the correct size. We reinforced the frame on the inside with 1in x 1in sticks. The face was made from a paper machete craft box with lid. We added googly eyes on top for an animated effect. We enlarged the face at kinkos to 10in and glued it on with spray glue. We spray painted the boxes blue, black, and gray. We used the inside of a carpet role for the smoke stack (free at home depot). We stuck a bug juice bottle with a little bit of water and dry ice for a smoke effect. To attach to the child we used suspenders and screwed them to the 1 x 1 sticks in the frame so they were sturdy. Wheels were made of 1/2 inch foam and spray painted blue. Red and yellow duct tape was used for the numbers and outline on the sides of the box. For sound effect, we had a push button train noises strip that came out of a boxed DVD for trains. He could push the button and it would make train sounds. We also took a Thomas the tank engine toothbrush that sang the theme song which he could push.

Submitted by Kristi Higa, Fairbanks, AK

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