Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter Costumes

This Mad Hatter Costume was hand made by my girlfriend and I. It is from the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland Movie coming out soon.

We made the hat out of a lamp shade and duck tape. We then wrapped it in fabric and spray painted the entire thing. After that, we wrapped lace fabric over the top. We found gold sewing needles and soldered ornaments on the top and then added a peacock feather to the hat.

We made the bow tie from an old Christmas tree bow and then wrapped it and hot glued fabric to it. We then hand painted the bow tie to make it just like the movie trailer we saw.

Then we made a thread belt out of thread spools and tied them together to make a sash over the jacket. The jacket is an old jacket and we sewed different color buttons on it and then sewed on rough yarn to all the seams of the jacket for more color and texture.

It took many hours and trips to the fabric store but it came out great!

Submitted by Donovan Clayton, Los Angeles, CA

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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