To Scarborough Fair Hats for Cats

Costumed cats, while adorable, tend to be pretty angry. But you could probably get away with a costume hat before Fluffy leaves any serious scars. If you're feeling lucky you can give it a go with one of the incredibly cute hats for cats from To Scarborough Fair. Starting at just $8 they offer all kinda of cat hats for special occasions and of course, Halloween. They offer sombreros, berets, top hats, even cowboy hats meant for cats or small dogs. They also offer costume hats like witch hats, Native American headdresses and an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter hat for cats. All of the hats are lightweight and comfortable, but meant for light use. While getting your cat to wear a hat sounds a bit tricky, the makers of these silly kitty accessories say that it's no more difficult than getting them used to wearing a collar... so your experience may vary.

Pick up some hats for cats from To Scarborough Fair, starting at $8.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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