Tornado Costumes

My son Cayson (pronounced Jason, but with a C), is obsessed with Tornados. This Halloween he told me he wanted to be a Tornado. I bought a tomato growing hanger, which is shaped like a funnel, and wrapped it with spider web cotton. After doing this, I spray painted the cotton a dark grey to make it the color of a tornado. After this, I glued farm animals, plastic fences, pretend trees, etc, onto the cotton. I also had Cayson collect different colored leaves and twiggs to glue onto the costume. I used velcrow to make straps that rest on his shoulders to keep the costume on him. He wants to be a "Storm Chaser" when he gets older and follow tornados with cameras. He is 6 years old and it is obsessed with the weather. This was a very interesting costume to try to make, but I think we did a great job and had a lot of fun making it.

Submitted by Sara Schmidt, Staatsburg, NY


My daughter loves weather and wanted to be a tornado. I used poly fil stuffing and painted it gray. I then stuck things in it like farm animals, a tree, a couple people and a bull dozer.

Submitted by Brenda Jones,


This is my 4yo son Will. Since after he leaves a room it looks like a tornado hit I though it was a perfect fit!

Submitted by Lisa Rodriguez,



While it's hard to dress up like swirling wind, this tornado costume captures the essence of the chaos with tangled cars, trees and animals that were swept up.


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