Toy Costume Party

Who doesn’t love fun and games?  Dressing up as a toy, game piece or video game character is a way to let everyone know that you are feeling lighthearted and plan on having a good time.  A toy & game costume party is a themed costume party that is likely to really stand out in people’s minds for years to come.  There are many costumes that will work well for this type of themed party, ranging from Toy Story costumes and board game costumes to even video game costumes.

One easy way to entertain your guest at a toy & game party is to have the actual toys and games on hand that reflect the costumes that people are wearing. It is no secret that everyone loves to play with toys- even adults.  This means it’s a great idea to have video games from the Mario Universe, Street Fighter games and Halo games, to name just three that are easily available.  Mario costumes, Halo costumes and Street Fighter costumes are all likely to make an appearance.  Make sure that you also have chess, Rubik’s cube and slinky, as well as other childhood favorites on hand.

Toy & game themed parties really lend themselves toward fun and spirited decorations as you can decorate your space with toys of all sorts of toy, game and video game themed decorations.  Everyone should have lots of fun. After all, if you can’t have a good time at a toy & game themed party, where can you have a good time?

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