Toy Story Costumes

With all the buzz around Toy Story lately Toy Story costumes have been extremely popular among kids and even adults. The original Disney-Pixar Toy Story movie came out in 1995, with Toy Story 3 coming out over 10 years later. With incredibly lovable characters like Woody, Buzz, Jessie and more there are tons of great Toy Story costumes for boys and girls to choose from. In fact there are so many costumes to choose from, Toy Story characters make for great group costumes for friends and family. Toy Story Halloween costumes are available for purchase or you can make them yourself if you prefer.

Boys may have a hard time choosing between a Buzz Lightyear costume and a Woody costume. Buzz is an astronaut from outer space and Woody is a cowboy, and both characters are brave and funny. Buzz and Woody Toy Story costumes are great especially for brothers or best friends who want to dress up as their favorite characters. Both “toys” come with a variety of cool catch phrases like “To infinity and beyond!” and “Reach for the sky!” which kids can learn to go with their costume. Boys who wear a Woody costume might want to carry a Bullseye stuffed animal as an accessory, as Woody is rarely seen without his trusty steed.

For girls the most popular costume idea is a Jesse Toy Story costume. Jesse is a cowgirl and is from the same series as Woody. Of course since there are so many toys in the Toy Story movies, girls could also wear a Barbie costume, Bo Peep or Mrs Potato Head costume.

Whether you dress up as Woody, Buzz or Jesse, the one detail that will make your costume complete is to draw the name “Andy” on the bottom of your shoe, because after all, you are one of Andy’s favorite toys.

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