Toys Costumes

Wearing costumes can be as imaginative and childlike as playing with toys, so it’s no wonder that Toy Costumes are so popular. Kids identify with their favorite toys, and even adults love the nostalgia of wearing toy costumes.

Some favorite toys costumes ideas for girls include dressing up as Barbie and baby dolls, while boys may prefer to wear GI JOE action figure costumes, Lego Man costumes or toy soldier costumes. Of course board games costumes like Operation or Twister are a hit among all ages, for girls, boys, men and women. And of course classic toys costumes like LEGOs, Mr. Potato Head, Rubber Duckies and Teddy Bear are always a hit. Some really creative costume makers have even created homemade toy claw machines that contain real stuffed animals. Toy Story costumes are another popular theme, combining a love of toys and animated movies. Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the gang make great group costumes for kids or families.

Toy costumes can be elaborate and extensive with life-sized boxes and accessories or simple like a baby doll dress and white powder for a porcelain doll costume. Some homemade board game costumes even include LED lights and other electronic parts to make them more genuine, like a light up nose for an operation game. Other costumes may be easy to make, but still require a lot of dedication, like a green toy army soldier costume that requires you to cover yourself from head to toe with green paint. No matter what kind of toy costume you chose, you’re sure to have a lot of fun.

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