Transformers Megatron Costumes


The Transformers are nothing short of a cultural phenomenon that has grown over the decades, spawning numerous animated television series, toy lines and comic books.  The concept behind Transformers is a powerful one that helps fuel the franchise’s charm.  Robots that can transform from objects, such as cars and airplanes, into powerful robots, have an obvious appeal for children and adults alike.  These powerful robots are divided into two camps, one being the Decepticons and the other being the Autobots.

As leader of the Decepticons, the evil Megatron is one tough customer.  He is blindly dedicated to the destruction of all Autobots.  In a word, he’s a meanie!  The popular Transformers cartoon recently enjoyed the Michael Bay treatment with a series of very popular Transformers live action movies that had some of the best visual effects seen to date.  It’s no real wonder that the Megatron costume is a popular Transformer’s costume.

The Megatron of the Michael Bay Transformer films is not the first incarnation of the character.  Megatron has been a main character in numerous animated television series and a feature film before starring in the popular blockbuster movies.  Traditionally, Megatron has been able to transform from a robot into a very powerful gun, which is capable of widespread damage.

The Transformers Megatron Adult Costume has a highly detailed print jumpsuit that shows much of Megatron’s impressive mechanical details.  This Megatron costume also comes with an intricately designed mask that looks simply frightening and is sure to cause trick-or-treaters to recoil!

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