Tree Costumes

Tree costumes can make a spooky costume idea around Halloween or they can be used in a school play or pageant. Tree costumes might also be used as a decorative or performance piece at a special event. But not matter the reason you need a tree costume you can make your own or buy them in stores for someone of any age. They are a fairly popular costume idea meaning that tree costumes for kids and tree costumes for adults are relatively easy to come by. However if you want your tree costume to be very unique or have a specific look you may have to make it yourself.

There are many different types of trees so you will have to decide what type of tree costume you want to wear. The amount of leaves you use and the color will depend on the type of tree and the time of year. Winter trees don’t have any leaves and they have pointy branches, making them a great choice for spooky Halloween tree costumes. However if you add icicles or snow they suddenly become more suitable for a winter pageant and can even look very beautiful. Fall trees with organ leaves or spring and summer trees with lush green leaves are great for school plays about animals. Christmas tree costumes are also very popular, especially for Christmas pageants.

Tree costumes can also be designed for fantasy costumes since enchanted trees are a popular element in many fantasy stories, such as Lord of the Rings. These types of tree costumes usually include a face since the trees have a life of their own.

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