TV Character Costume Party

We all have our TV favorites both from today and past years.  This is part of what makes TV costumes and TV Halloween costumes so fun.  It’s entertaining to see what other TV characters and television shows people like best. A TV costume party is an excellent way for people to express their creativity and individuality. And your party will have non-stop conversation because people love to talk about their favorite TV moments.

There are many options when planning a TV costume party.  You can build a party around an era, like the television shows of the 1960s. Everyone can pick their favorite television character from that era and wear that TV costume.  For example, a great couple’s costume would be I Love Lucy theme- Lucy and Ricky hit could hit the party together.  Of course, other types of costume theme parties are also possible; such as a science fiction TV show oriented costume party, or a sitcom oriented costume party.

Television has also created some very memorable music.  Try playing some of your favorite television show music from over the years.  You could mix it up by era, or you could focus on just one era at a time and move through Television history over the course of the night.

A television themed costume party also allows one to redecorate their home room by room, each representing a different era of television history.  The bottom line is to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the decades of television history at your disposal.   By adopting a television theme for your costume party, the options are almost endless.

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