TV Character Costume

Beloved TV character costumes are very likely to show up at the next costume party or Halloween party that you attend, and with good reason.  Classic television characters are instantly recognizable. Also they are associated with positive memories from people’s childhood, which usually make for great costumes.

Some of these cultural icons are just tailor made for the Halloween season, such as Elvira.  Elvira has become a sexy modern sensation and is likely to be a Halloween mainstay for decades to come. Just in case you were wondering about the woman behind all of that make-up, Cassandra Peterson is the name of the actress who first breathed life into the Elvira costume.  Why the Elvira concept even spawned a movie!

Other TV characters have long been fixtures at Halloween as well.  With the recent success of the Batman and Superman films, it is easy to forget that both superheroes had long runs on television too.  The Batman television series, and the now famous Batman costume, first appeared on the Batman television series in 1966.  Batman has been in the spotlight ever since.  Actor George Reeves made the Superman costume quite popular back in the Adventures of Superman television series. This show aired over 100 episodes from 1952-1958.

Of course, there are some great TV character costumes from the cartoon and children’s entertainment world as well, such as the ever-popular SpongeBob costume and Barney costume.  Power Rangers costumes are bound to send children into fits of excitement.  And little girls just love Strawberry Shortcake costumes and Hello Kitty costumes.

Let’s not forget the Simpson’s.  Few television shows have produced as many great characters as the Simpson’s.  Simpson costumes are never going to disappoint.  At this point who doesn’t recognize, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Maggie and, of course, Homer?

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