UPS Man with “Big Brown” Truck Costumes

We purchased the costume last Halloween, but my son insisted on being "himself" this year, so we talked him into wearing the UPS uniform again. To make it more fun, I created a UPS "Big Brown" truck for him to ride in, using a cardboard box, spray paint, construction paper, and craft foam. The entire thing fit perfectly over his wagon. I printed out UPS logos and colored them with markers to make the truck complete. I also used wire rolled up in black paper, with tape wrapped around it to form door handles. The wire helped keep the rounded shape of the handle. I used a glue gun to attach the handles. Instead of a treat bag, he carried a "package". I used the box of something we'd received from UPS by taping it closed, then cutting a small, rectangular opening that could be open and closed while trick or treating. It looked like he was delivering packages, when in fact, he was picking up!

Submitted by April Austin, South Carolina

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