Ursula the Sea Witch and King Triton

Dear daughter LOVES The Little Mermaid, so when she said she wanted to be Ariel for Halloween, I knew she would want us to be a part of her world and join in on the halloween fun. That is where Ursula and King Triton were born. Ursula came to life by modifying an old prom dress into a skirt. The octo legs were sewn from a 3 sided pattern to give the tentacles dimension and the abitlity to stand up almost by themselves. They were stuffed with light weight Cluster stuff and then sewn to the inside bottom of the skirt. The tentacles were then sewn to the outside of the skirt at the point where they curl outward. The top of the costume was a long sleeved lavender shirt with a black waist shaper and a strapless bra on top. Of course, Ursula would not be complete without her large gold shell necklace which keeps Ariel's voice. The large shell was purchased at Michael's craft store and was spray painted gold and then glued onto a leather string to make a necklace. Same goes for the matching shell earrings; spray painted gold and then hot glued to clip-on earring backings that were purchased at Michael's. Ursula was HUGE hit at Disney's Mickey's Halloween Trick or Treat last weekend. King Triton was made from a modified McCalls Mermaid costume pattern. I sewed just the skirt potion of the costume and then inserted an elastic waist band for easy on and off. The hubby was not to keen on the idea of wearing the "pretty" skirt, but once he got all of the costume elements put together, King Triton cane to life! Of course, King Triton is well known for his muscles, so we purchased a padded muscle shirt! I made the arm bands out of yellow craft foam and gold upholstry cording purchased at the fabric store. I made the crown out of yellow craft foam as well. His Trident was a devil's pitchfork spray painted gold and then modified with yellow craft foam to look like the original Trident in the Disney movie. Of course, King Triton would not be complete without his trusty confidant, Sebastian the crab, which sat atop his shoulder! Everyone LOVED King Triton! All of the little girls at Disney's Trick or Treat wanted their picture taken with King Triton! Hubby was not used to all of the attention, but had fun playing the part! He was certainly "King" of the night!

Submitted by Rebecca Christensen, Escondido, CA

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