Vampire Costume Gothic Adult


The concept of the vampire may have made its way out of folklore and into written form in 1819, thanks to the work of Polidor’s The Vamprye. However, the fear that the vampire costume strikes in people’s heart is far more ancient.  There is just something about the vampire that causes dread in men.  We humans love believing we sit atop the food chain.  Any idea or concept that challenges that thought sends a chilling wave down our spines.  A sexy costume like the Gothic Vampira Elite Collection Adult Costume will certainly send that chill down most spines.

This vampire costume-gothic adult costume is loaded down with rich details throughout.  Any mortal will be in awe of this long, elegant red and black satin gown.  Few vampire costumes look as though they have been pulled straight from the wardrobe department of a big-budget Hollywood film, but the Gothic Vampira Elite Collection Adult Costume has just that look.  The velvet choker and lace petticoat only add to the hypnotizing feel of this impressive vampire costume.  For couples looking to make a serious Halloween impact, the Gothic Vampire Elite Collection Adult Costume for men serves as a great companion to this impressive women’s costume.

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