Video Game Costumes

It is hard to believe, but there was a time when the only video game was in someone’s imagination. Well, those days are certainly long, long gone.  The video game industry may have started with Pong in 1972 (thanks to Atari), but since then the video game industry has grown and grown to become a multi-billion dollar industry.  Today, the video game industry is having an impact on global culture and even movies. Part of the way that the video game industry has become so successful is that it has created scores of fantastically detailed and interesting characters.  Like Disney, the video game industry has created countless characters that make marvelous Halloween costumes.  Take for example, all the characters of the Street Fighter video game series, which first premiered in 1987.  The sexy Chun Li makes a great Halloween costume.  The Street Fighter Chun Li Adult Costume is a richly detailed costume, consisting of a blue dress and collar and some great spiked bracelets.

Popular Video Game CostumesLara Croft Costume


Of course, when thinking of sexy video game costumes, it’s hard not to think of Lara Croft.  Lara Croft made her first appearance in the video game world in 1996’s Tomb Raider. Angelina Jolie has even played this sexy video game siren in several popular Tomb Raider films.  The Lara Croft Legend Deluxe Adult Costume will certainly cause a spark of excitement when you enter the room as this popular video game goddess.

Mario and Luigi Costumes


Super-Mario-Deluxe-Toddler-Child-Costume-thNow when you think of video game costumes and Halloween costumes, you must give a nod to Mario, Luigi and the Super Mario video games.  These wildly popular games have produced some of the most beloved video game characters of all time.  No wonder Mario costumes, Luigi costumes and Super Mario costumes are so popular.  Mario made his first appearance all the way back in 1981 in Donkey Kong, but he is still going strong today, appearing in countless video games. We can definitely expect the creative minds of the video game industry to continue to crank out some imaginative characters.  Many of these characters will make for great Halloween costumes for years to come.  In the meantime, choose your favorite video game character costume and wear it with pride!

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