Watchmen Dr. Manhattan Deluxe Adult Mask

Out of all of the Watchman heroes, Dr. Manhattan was the only one who has real super powers due to a scientific experiment gone wrong. Before he was ever Dr. Manhattan, he was a scientist named Jon Oterman who was experimenting with an Intrinsic Field subtractor. After the accident he was contracted by the US government who gave him the codename Doctor Manhattan. The character has an mysterious quality since his nature as the glowing blue superhero gives him the ability to perceive time differently than everyone else. While still retaining much of his humanity, it’s difficult for Dr. Manhattan to relate to normal people in the same way he used to. He still however can form friendships and even relationships with normal people. His girlfriend, Laurie Juspecyk aka Silk Spectre reminds him of his humanity and keeps him grounded despite is amazing powers. Despite his friendships he can at times still have difficulty relating to society.

This highly detailed Dr. Manhattan Mask captures his features perfectly, including the almost sad dark circles around his eyes and the symbol on his forehead. The mask goes great with a blue body suit and a pair of Dr. Manhattan gloves. If you wear a Dr. Manhattan Costume you can encourage your friends to do a complete Watchman group costume complete with Night Owl, Rorschach, Silk Spectre, and the Comedian.

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