Wedding Costumes

Choosing a good costume can be almost as daunting as choosing the right wedding dress… which could also make a great costume. Wedding costumes are very versatile as costume ideas. Wedding costumes can be traditional, funny, scary or just strange. From blushing brides to undead grooms, there’s really no limit to wedding costume ideas.

Wedding costumes are of course great for couples, whether they’ve been married for years, or just starting dating. You can always add your own unique spin on wedding costumes like undead zombie bride and groom costumes or renaissance wedding costumes. Undead wedding dresses might be dark blue or red instead of the traditional white, or they may just be covered in blood. But any kind of theme can enhance a wedding costume like a mummy bride or a hillbilly groom could make great wedding costume ideas.

Homemade wedding costumes can be cheap and easy to make if you start with a dress and tuxedo from a thrift shop and make changes. Wedding costumes for kids are always a hit. Little girls dressed like brides and boys dressed like grooms are so cute. Even toddlers and babies make great brides and grooms in tiny little wedding costumes.

Accessories can go a long way to make a great wedding costume. A top hat for groom costumes and a veil and bouquet for the bride make the costumes more recognizable. You could even have all of your friends dress up like a wedding party including flower girls and ring bearers for a wedding group costume.

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