Wheelchair Costumes

Finding a good wheelchair costume idea can be a challenge, but there are a lot of creative wheelchair costume ideas online. Whether the costume is for a child in a wheelchair or an adult, there are a lot of possibilities got creative costume ideas.

One of the best ways to approach a wheelchair costume is to transform the wheelchair into a vehicle. This can be done by covering it with cardboard or other materials to give it a different look. You can make a wheelchair look like a car or a truck and make that tie into the costume. For example a police costume would be complimented well by a police car prop. Similarly a fireman costume could be complimented by a fire truck prop. The same could be done for other occupational costumes like farmers and trackers and conductors and trains. This could even be done for super hero costumes, by making a wheelchair look like the Batmobile to match a Batman costume, or a Tie Fighter to match a Star Wars costume.

Another way to tackle a wheelchair costume is to create a specialized wheelchair that matches a costume. For instance if you plan to wear a steampunk costume you could decorate your wheelchair to have a steampunk style with brass, wood and gears. On the other hand, if your costume is futuristic you could give your wheelchair accessories like boosters, laser weapons and LED lights. Of course another possibility is to choose a costume idea that involves a wheelchair like Professor X from the X-Men. There are all sorts of unique costume ideas that incorporate wheelchairs that look really impressive.

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